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Specification SLS-02

Specification SLS-02
ADEL FA-9 Finger Print & Keypad Lock
-Adopt optical fingerprint sensor, CMOS chip. Fingerprint cant be duplicated.
-Cast-steel structure, suitable for standard doorlock cavity of internal doors.
-Stainless steel single latch, easy to install.
-Three ways to unlock: Fingerprint, PIN or mechanical key.
-Capacity: Maximum 138 fingerprint templates.
-Keypad combines 4 digits : 0, 1, 2, 3.
-Fingerprint and code can be programmed directly on the lock.
-No need any computer.
-Passage mode can be set any time
-With the sensor light and buzzer sound indicators.
-Mechanical key used in emergency.
-Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries with low voltage alert function. In case of -low voltage, simply remove the cover of the stand-by power socket, and -connect a 9V battery to operate.
-Stand alone, suitable for office, meeting room, residential, villa, etc.